Meet the locals

Schellekens and Peleman: founding fathers of BST

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Belgian crew:

Peter Holvoet-Hanssen: Poet Laureate and Consul

Raymond van het Groenewoud: National Composer of the Hymn

Helmut Lotti: National Singer

Elisabeth Roggeman: National Designer of the Flag, division Antwerp

Alexis Stoelen and Elke Boonen: National Designers of the Flag, division Mechelen

Ballets Confidentiels: National Dance Company

Walter Grimm: State Photographer

Anna Roza Holvoet: National Musician

Mieke Bruneel: State Driver

An Miller: State Actress

Filip Peeters: National Spokesman of BST

Wouter Keersmaekers: National Cook

Koen Sels: National Brewer of BST

Myriam and Ivo from O’tentic: State Perfumers

Sigrid Spruyt: National Female Cook

Dutch crew:

Rick de Leeuw: Poet Laureate

Syrian crew:

Samer Alchhazeh: Poet Laureate

Italian crew:

Paolo Agrati: Poet Laureate

Dome Bulfaro: Poet Laureate

Ronin: State Musicians

Andrea Morucchio: National Designer of the Flag

Deirdre Kelly: National Designer of the Flag

David dalla Venezia: National Designer of the Flag

Alessandro Burbank: National Host of the Opening Party of Broosistan in Venice

DJ Lecri: State DJ at the Opening Party of Broosistan in Venice

Riccardo Tosetto: State Photographer

Fiorenza Carraro, Osteria al Cantinon: National Cook

Peleman and Schellekens

Peleman and Schellekens