BROOSISTAN, nomadic country

Broosistan is a handy unfolding country with adjustable borders and the greenest grass in the universe, that wanders the world as the ultimate example of the modern state: microscopically small and removable at any time. This country lacks permanent inhabitants and consists only of visitors, but when leaving the green pastures of Broosistan it will seem as if one is leaving his home. This tiny piece of temporary land is a place that invites us to reflect on today's interpretation of a state, a nation. What is the function of a state, what defines a nation, how should it look like, what is the significance of state borders, what is the role of art, etc. In each hosting country Broosistan calls at, new collaborations are made with local established and upcoming artists who form the backbone of Broosistan.


All drawings made by Elisabeth Roggeman. Pictures made by Dirk Kinot and Walter Grimm.
























































































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